What Sizes of Storage Units Does Synergy Storage Offer?

Published on 9/1/2023
At Synergy Storage, we've crafted a comprehensive array of storage unit sizes to address the wide-ranging needs of our customers. From personal storage solutions for homeowners to larger spaces suitable for businesses, our units are both versatile and secure. Here's a detailed rundown of the sizes at your disposal:

5x5 Units: 
These compact units, offering 25 square feet of space, are perfect for storing a handful of boxes, seasonal items, or a selection of personal belongings.

5x10 Units: 
With 50 square feet, these units cater to items from a smaller bedroom or office, accommodating boxes and small furniture items seamlessly.

7x10 Units: 
The 7x10 units strike a balance, providing slightly more room for those with a varied mix of personal items and larger boxes.

10x5 Units: 
Our uniquely designed 10x5 units prioritize width over depth. They're ideal for those tenants who need regular access or commercial clients desiring easy access to their goods.

10x10 Units: 
Offering 100 square feet, these units can house the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, complete with appliances and furniture.

10x15 Units: 
At 150 square feet, these units are suitable for belongings from a two-bedroom apartment.

10x20 Units: 
Spanning 200 square feet, these units cater to those with a three-bedroom house worth of items.

10x25 Units: 
With 250 square feet, these units are apt for larger items or for those homeowners in the midst of renovations or moves.

10x30 Units: 
These capacious units can accommodate extensive household items or hefty business inventories.

15x30 Units: 
Among our largest enclosed units, these are geared towards major household transitions, extensive business inventories, or even large vehicle storage.

Temperature-Controlled Units: 
Recognizing the sensitivity of certain items, we also provide temperature-controlled units, shielding belongings like electronics, artworks, and important documents from harmful temperature fluctuations.

Parking Spaces: 
Our dedicated parking spaces come in sizes of 12x30, 12x40, and 12x45. For those with more extensive storage needs, we offer the flexibility of renting both the 12x30 and 12x40 spaces together, creating a spacious 12x70 area. These spaces are perfect for larger vehicles, boats, or trailers, ensuring they have a safe and accessible storage solution.

In wrapping up, Synergy Storage is all about choice and flexibility. Our range of storage unit sizes, combined with specialized offerings like temperature-controlled spaces and expansive parking spots, ensures we can meet the unique demands of each customer. Whatever your storage needs, we're here to provide the perfect fit.