Perishable Goods Guidelines

Published on 1/21/2024

Storing with Synergy Storage: Perishable Goods Guidelines

At Synergy Storage, we understand the diverse storage needs of our customers, and one common inquiry we receive is, "Can I store perishable goods?" Let's delve into our guidelines to provide clarity on storing items with a limited shelf life.

The Short Answer: No Perishable Goods

Unfortunately, we do not allow the storage of perishable goods in our facilities. Perishable items such as food, plants, or any other items prone to spoilage pose unique challenges and risks when stored in a typical storage environment.

Why No Perishable Goods?

1. Pest Control: Perishable items can attract pests, jeopardizing the cleanliness and integrity of our storage facilities.

2. Odor Concerns: Spoiled or decaying items can produce unpleasant odors that may affect neighboring storage units.

3. Health and Safety: Storing perishable goods can lead to health and safety issues, including the growth of mold or the spread of bacteria.

Alternative Solutions for Perishable Items

If you have perishable items that need storage, we recommend exploring alternative solutions such as refrigerated storage facilities or specialized providers equipped to handle such goods. This ensures the proper conditions for preserving the freshness and quality of your items.

Our Commitment to Your Storage Experience

At Synergy Storage, our commitment is to provide a secure, clean, and convenient storage environment for all our customers. By adhering to guidelines that restrict perishable goods, we maintain a space that is conducive to the safety and satisfaction of everyone utilizing our facilities.