Can I Access My Unit at Any Time?

Published on 9/2/2023
One frequent question we receive at Synergy Storage centers on unit accessibility. Clients are keen to know when they can access their belongings, ensuring they can retrieve or store items according to their schedules. If you're contemplating this, here's a clear picture of the accessibility provided at our facility:

1. Defined Gate Hours:
Synergy Storage offers gate access hours from 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. This extended time frame allows clients the flexibility they need, especially those who may not be available during typical business hours. Whether you're an early bird or prefer handling things in the evening, our gate hours cater to a wide range of schedules.

2. Consistent Access:
The consistency of our access hours means you can plan your trips to the storage facility with certainty. Whether it's a weekend or a weekday, you can count on the same window of access, eliminating any guesswork.

3. Safety & Security: 
While we prioritize providing generous access hours, security remains at the forefront of our operations. Our facility continues to be under the watchful eye of our high-definition security cameras. So, while clients benefit from flexible timings, they can also be assured of the safety of their stored items.

4. Simple Entry Procedures:
Ease of access is a hallmark of our service. After the initial setup, accessing your unit is hassle-free. Our streamlined entry protocols mean you can get in, manage your items, and get out without unnecessary delays.

5. Keep Your Key Handy:
To ensure smooth access to your unit, always have your key at the ready. And remember, the free disc lock we provide with every rental is designed for maximum security, further accentuating our commitment to the safety of your belongings.

In sum, while we provide extensive access hours for convenience, we always do so with the unwavering commitment to the security and safety of both our clients and their stored items.