Is There 24/7 Surveillance?

Published on 9/2/2023
Security remains a paramount concern for individuals exploring storage options. At Synergy Storage, one of the frequently asked questions is about the nature and extent of our surveillance. To provide clarity and maintain transparency, let's delve into our security approach.

Our facility boasts over 40 high-definition 4K security cameras, meticulously positioned throughout the premises for optimal coverage. These cameras not only deter potential intruders but are also integral to our commitment to monitoring activities within our facility.

While our cameras are designed for continuous operation, it's crucial for customers to understand that they serve primarily as a means of documentation and deterrence. Our team has the capability to remotely access and view our camera feeds when necessary. However, while the technology is designed for ongoing recording, we do not guarantee uninterrupted 24/7 live monitoring. Continuous live monitoring would require a dedicated team to perpetually oversee the feeds, which is not a common amenity in the self storage industry. 

The role of our surveillance system extends beyond mere deterrence. While the system acts as an ever-watchful eye, requests for specific footage are strict. Customers wishing to access recordings must accompany their request with a police report. Such a procedure ensures the privacy of all our clients while allowing the necessary footage to be used in legal or investigative scenarios.

In addition to our camera system, we've implemented various other security measures at Synergy Storage. From controlled gated access to on-site management, and certain proprietary security tactics we keep confidential, each layer of our security aims to provide optimal protection.

Our security philosophy at Synergy Storage is built upon creating a tight-knit community of renters. By cultivating an atmosphere of shared responsibility and alertness, we tap into the collective power of communal oversight. This combined vigilance plays a vital role in maintaining the safety standards of our facility.

In conclusion, while we may not guarantee 24/7 live monitoring, our comprehensive security strategy aims to offer a robust protective environment for our renters. At Synergy Storage, we design our system to minimize potential threats, reassuring clients of the safety of their possessions. Your trust is paramount, and every step we take is in service of preserving that trust.