Why We Offer a Free Disk Lock with Every Rental

Published on 8/1/2023

Security and trust are foundational pillars at our storage facility. When you store your cherished belongings with us, we believe in empowering you with the very best security measures available. One such measure is the provision of a complimentary disk lock with every rental. But why do we champion the disk lock over other standard locks? Let's dive in.

**1. Unmatched Security:** 

Disk locks are designed specifically for self-storage units. Their unique design, with a minimal exposed shank compared to the U-shaped shackle of regular padlocks, makes them highly resistant to thieves armed with bolt cutters.

**2. Tamper-Resistant:** 

Thanks to their complex pin system and limited exposed shank, disk locks are notably challenging for even adept lock pickers. The design intricacies ensure that lock-picking tools have little room to maneuver, considerably reducing unauthorized access risks.

**3. Weather-Resilient:** 

Crafted predominantly from stainless steel, most disk locks boast excellent rust-resistance. Their durability stands out, especially in outdoor storage units subjected to diverse weather conditions.

**4. Enhanced Peace of Mind:** 

When you lock up your unit with the disk lock we provide, you're wrapping your valuables in one of the industry's most trusted security measures. This peace of mind is something we're proud to offer every customer.

**5. Unique Keying for Ultimate Privacy:** 

Each disk lock is uniquely keyed, ensuring that no two locks are the same. Furthermore, we respect your privacy to such an extent that we don't retain access to these locks. The key is solely in your hands, ensuring your unit's contents remain confidential and solely under your control.

**6. Cost-Effective Security:** 

While the disk lock comes at no extra charge to you, we view it as an invaluable investment in the safety of your possessions. Its reliability, combined with our top-notch storage solutions, creates an unmatched security synergy.

In conclusion, our unyielding commitment to safeguarding your belongings is evident in our choice of the disk lock. By entrusting your items to our care, you're not just renting space—you're securing peace of mind, bolstered by the free, high-quality, and uniquely-keyed disk lock we provide. Your security is our priority, and we proudly stand by that promise.